Reincarnation on All Levels

Reincarnation on All Levels

Dear editors, critics, and translators:

I have been recieving many interesting comments from all of you as the work progresses. It's time now to list a few more guiding principles to aid you all in your work. Basically one of the basic themes in my work is REINCARNATION. Ideas, symbols, people, and words keep reincarnating on all kinds of levels as my work is read and worked on. Indeed the main message of the work is that civilizations also reincarnate. The global civilization that is now forming is merely the latest reincarnation of a previous one. An ancient one with extra-terrestial connections.

Think carefully how even the current translations being done at this moment are merely reincarnations of the original English text. But like all reincarnations these translations must be different to fit new space-times and new cultural contexts. Let's hope that these translations are not just good good reincarnations, but GREAT ONES. We are all connected by karma just as all of you are connected indivdually to me by the karmic winds. Let us see where this karma is pointing to.

warmest wishes,


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