Hierarchy of Awareness

Hierarchy of Awareness

Dear editors and translators:

The Russian team has now reached India. So now it's time for further guidelines. It's important that everyone go at his or her own pace. This translation project is not some olympiad. But since some of you have reached the promised land it's time to talk about deeper things.

Obviously by now you all have seen the need to think in terms of levels of awareness in your work. Level hopping, level surfing, level sliding....as Harvest of Gems approaches India the number of subtler levels begins to proliferate. Indeed the more awareness that a hierarchy of levels exists the easier it is for the reader and translator to navigate in this new psychic terrain.

This awareness of hierarchy brings to the reader a greater connection with these levels along with the beings that dwell in these levels. The connection becomes more and more exclusively psychic. The higher levels are more complex and closer to the light. Even though light permeates all levels. As Harvest advances so does the complexity of the narrative as higher levels f the hierarchy become more and more engaged. The Dante effect kicks in....

By the time Two Short Stories is approached the Divine Buddhist comedy begins to engage all levels symultaneously. This is where the metier or craft of the translator comes fully int play. Linguistic translation is followed by symbolic and cognitive translation. Imagination and sound is important.

Harvest is hybrid literature. Modern non-mythological and cognitive prose blends in with timeless mythological epic at very strange moments. The physical journey across the planet becomes a psychic journey UP and DOWN the chakras. The psychic energy centers within us. See the attached photo of the the chakra system.

The chakra journey becomes equivalent to the journey in and out of the Kalachakra mandala. By India the higher chakras are engaged more and so are the more inner levels of the mandala.

By Two Short Stories the whole Universe is engaged at all times on all levels. In Harvest the present and the past is engaged often. By Two Short Stories the journey into the mandala is so deep that the future itself is seen. Reincarnation becomes Feed-forward. Let's all give James Joyce a hand. The Finn again wakes....


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